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  • Newborn babies aren’t going to be able to hold things right away. But they will try! Gently stroke the back of baby’s hand with a toy. He will naturally open their hand. Place the toy in his hand and watch how he tries to grasp it.

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  • Babies learn about things by putting them in their mouths. Newborn babies will not be able to hold toys, but they will try!

  • A 4 to 6 month-old baby will be able to reach for and grab what he wants.

  • Older babies will begin to pass things from hand to hand, and may enjoy ripping and pulling.

  • As they grow, babies will be able to pick up small objects with their finger and thumb, allowing them to feed themselves finger food or put rings on a post.

  •  Keep board books close by, so that your baby can grab one and explore it.

Activities You Can Do Today
Birth - 8 Months​