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  • Put stickers in a random pattern on a sheet of paper and have your child try to make a line between the stickers. It’s like a homemade dot-to-dot!

  • Pour some uncooked rice into a shallow bowl or cookie sheet. Let your child use their finger to draw shapes.

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  • Toddlers use writing in their play by copying what they see grown ups doing, like writing lists. Make paper and writing materials available so that the child can play at writing!

  • Young children need to learn that writing is used for many things: maps, lists, stories, etc. Studying maps, magazines or other papers together is fun - for example, you can look for things that are red, start with the letter B or that are tiny.

  • Tracing shapes and letters is an easy way to start writing! Trace letters in the sand, in a bowl of uncooked rice, or in shaving cream on the bathtub wall!

  • Stacking blocks, picking up toys, finger painting, and rolling clay or playdough will help build the coordination a child needs to write.

  • Scribbles are a first form of writing and mean something to your child. Ask your child to tell you about the marks they are making.

Activities You Can Do Today
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