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  • Commenting on surroundings helps associate meaning with words. Point to walls and say “wall”, doors and say “door”, table and say “table”, etc.

  • When your child points or gives you something, name the object “Yes, that’s a dog!”

  • More activities (printable)

  • Teach your child to say both their first and last name.

  • Tell your toddler, “Show me your nose.” Then point to your nose. Your child will soon point to their nose. Do this with toes, fingers, ears, eyes, knees and so on.

  • Talk about things you use every day, like cup, milk, doll. Ask your child to name them and give them time to think and respond.

  • Make your requests clear, simple, and appropriate for your child’s age and ability.

  • For a one-year-old, you can give one step directions like, "Go get the ball." For an 18-month-old, you can give two-step commands like, "Please go to your room and get your shoes."

Activities You Can Do Today
9 - 18 Months​