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  • Sing a song that you remember hearing as a child to your baby.

  • Tap your finger on baby’s arm or leg as you sing so they can feel the beat.

  • More activities (printable)

  • Sing while changing your baby’s diapers.

  • Sing in the car! Hearing songs and stories will help baby learn how to communicate and soon they’ll respond!

  • Move, gently bounce, or hold your baby’s hand as you dance together to music.

  • Rhyming and bouncing songs help babies hear and feel words and sounds so they can begin to repeat them.

  • Put your baby on your lap or on a blanket on the floor and look into their eyes as you sing. Tap their hands together to the beat.

  • Sing a quiet, calming song before your baby goes to sleep. How about “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” or “Hush Little Baby?”


Activities You Can Do Today
Birth - 8 Months​