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  • Babies love to play peek-a-boo. Use your hands to hide your face. Hide behind doors or furniture.

  • Don’t forget the outside. Play together in the grass. 

  • More activities (printable)

  • Even a tiny baby likes to play. Play right from the start!

  • Clap your hands softly. Hold your baby’s hands and clap them.

  • Older babies love to empty out things. Put some safe toys and items in a small basket. Let your baby take the things out.

  • Make tummy time for baby. Place a mat or clean towel on your floor. Place your baby on his tummy and put some rattles and other toys near his hands. Shake the rattle. Make sure you’re on the floor with your baby.

  • Play times are best when your baby is alert and awake.

Activities You Can Do Today
Birth - 8 Months​