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  • On a sunny day go outside and show your child his shadow. See if he can make his shadow jump, run, and dance.

  • Play follow the leader. Make funny movements for your child to imitate. Then switch roles and imitate what she does!    

  • More activities (coming soon)

  • Pretend play about real life is important for your toddler. Play “sick” with a pretend visit to the doctor. Play food shopping, or picnic.

  • Board Books Blocks: Don't have blocks at home? Check out some chunky board books from the library and let your baby stack those. Or line them up like dominos and show him or her how to knock them over. Don't forget to read the books together! (Courtesy of Brooklyn Public Library)

  • Playing is a great distraction when your toddler is upset; direct his or her attention toward safe activities and toys. (Courtesy of Brooklyn Public Library)

  • Put a ball in a box and shake it. Ask your toddler, “What’s inside the box?” Give him some ideas. Let your baby take the ball out of the box. Try other items.

  • Put some music on, or sing, and dance with your toddler.

Activities You Can Do Today
19 - 36 Months​