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  • Get up close to your new baby and smile! A newborn’s eyes can’t really focus that well and things at a distance are a blur, so being very close will help baby learn your happy face.

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  • It takes a while to learn to smile. Your smile or giggle is a great way to help your baby smile too.

  • Peek-a-boo is a game that never fails. You disappear and then you quickly come back smiling!

  • Whisper nonsense in baby’s ear. It doesn’t matter what you say, but it often leads to giggles.

  • Repeated actions that make you laugh such as fake sneezes or neck nibbles usually will make baby laugh too. A familiar game is comforting and fun.

  • Here’s a fun rhyme “Jeremiah blow out the fire- puff puff puff. First you blow it gentle, whoooo. Then you blow it rough.” And blow raspberries right on baby’s belly.

Activities You Can Do Today
Birth - 8 Months​