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  • Say, sing, chant and be silly like the cow (moo), the duck (quack, quack) and the dog (ruff, ruff)!

  • Instead of kisses, try rubbing noses. It’s bound to make either you or baby laugh.

  • More activities (printable)

  • Once baby can crawl speedily or even walk, you can pretend to chase baby from your hands and knees. Baby loves it when you are on his or her level and you follow baby’s lead. Your own laughter will encourage baby to laugh.

  • Get on the floor for tummy time with your child. Try to copy everything they do, sounds and actions. It’s harder than it looks and it will make you laugh.

  • The very familiar games you played when baby was younger can now become slightly more involved. For example, peek-a-boo can be participatory with a scarf or cloth over baby’s head that baby pulls off himself.

  • Make up a silly song or rhyme when it’s diaper time or eating time. Use words that sound funny and you’ll both end up laughing.

9 - 18 Months​
Activities You Can Do Today