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  • Dancing is a wonderful way to expend energy and have fun. Dance like a cat, a bear, a dinosaur, an old granny, a robot and other things!

  • Change the lyric of a favorite song to make it silly.

  • More activities (printable)

  • A quick game of tag, pillow hop, or silly animal movements (elephant walk or kangaroo bounce) can produce the giggles.

  • Have fun with a simple craft like using shaving cream with food coloring, lay paper on the floor, and let your child paint and play.

  • Toddlers find rhymes and nonsense words very funny. “Play the name game...Jill, Jill, bo bill, banana, fana, fo fill, me my, mo mill, Oh Jill!”

  • Spilling things like blocks, pillows or laundry is highly entertaining. In order to repeat the fun, you have to pick them up. Then repeat for more giggles.

  • Your child is now a toddler and exploring the world with a lot of curiosity. Pay attention to what makes him or her laugh. These are precious clues to how your child understands their world.

Activities You Can Do Today
19 - 36 Months​